Tottenham Hostpur is a football club based in North London with a history of exciting, attacking football dating back to 1882.  Having set plans in motion for the construction of a new stadium at least ten years ago, the Club finally started building in late 2014.  As a lifelong fan of the Club, I followed and admired the construction from afar – regularly keeping an eye on the various webcams the Club had set up around the construction site, and waiting (often impatiently!) for the ‘Latest photos’ segments that would be published on the Club’s website.

It occurred to me at the start of 2018 that, although great and good at revealing interior progress, the official Club photos were – for me – lacking something: many of the exterior details, a sense of size and scale, and illustrating the prospective fan experience. So I decided to start visiting the site to get my own photos – I only live a 10 minute drive away, so it’s nice and easy to do!

I wanted to showcase the intricate design elements – something my day-to-day job requires – rather than ‘just the stadium’.  After a while I started sharing them on platforms like Twitter and Instagram for other fans to see. I really wasn’t prepared for the overwhelming response and now-ongoing requests to return and get more updates, but I’m really pleased that there’s a whole audience of Spurs fans out there that wanted to see much more of the stadium. I’ve created this section of my website to hold all of the individual shots that I’ve shared over time.


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