January 2017 – 360 degree panorama of the London skyline at dawn

I’m always excited when I get a new commission through: What’s involved? Where am I going? What does it look like? Etc. That’s the architecture fan in me jumping up and down like a kid in a sweet shop. Naturally, there are some commissions that, on the face of it, are more exciting than others. Then there are those that look less challenging on paper, but reveal a hidden gem or two when you arrive on site, like a beautiful London skyline.

My recent shoot at the newly-redeveloped 48 Leicester Square (LSQ Building), falls neatly into the latter category of commissions. My brief was to replace existing CGI visualisations (pretty simple) and get some close up details of the new roof structure from inside and out – that being the slightly more challenging one in terms of sight lines and lack of being able to get higher up outside the building. All in all, it seemed quite straightforward.

When I arrived on site I found hidden gem number one: the building was completely un-tenanted, with the top floor still going through its fit-out. So, high-vis and hard hat on, I was pretty much given free reign of a brand new, nine storey, office building.

I was also granted access to the roof which, on first inspection looked no more than ordinary: the usual plant machinery and protective walls. That was until the chap that took me up there opened up a huge gate and ushered me out on to a window cleaning cradle track which ran around the edge of the roof and was concealed, to those on the ground, by a five foot high ‘wall’. Cue hidden gem number two: a 360 degree panorama of the London skyline at dawn.

I spent a bit of time up there in the morning and then in the late afternoon to see what London looked like at dawn and dusk from that angle. I wasn’t disappointed. So much so that I thought I’d share some of the shots I got – I’m saving the absolute best ones, though, for the Vistas section of my site.

London skyline
New Zealand House, Haymarket

Centre Point_London
Centre Point, Tottenham Court Road

Nine Elms_Battersea_London
Nine Elms construction site

Westminster_Houses of Parliament
Wesminster and the Houses of Parliament

Victoria, London

City of London_walkie talkie_gherkin_heron tower_cheesegrater_skyscrapers
The City of London

West London_sunset_crane
The Sun sets over West London