A very British staycation | 21 August, 2017

Staycation_North Lincolnshire

Last week my family and I made our annual pilgrimage to friends in the North Lincolnshire village of Wootton. I’ve written before about how nice it is to get ‘off-grid’ sometimes and recharge your batteries with a dose of countryside peace and quiet. Despite a relatively arduous three hour drive up the A1 with two young kids trying to grasp the rules of ‘eye spy’, for me there is nothing quite like being in the middle of nowhere with only conversation and relaxation to occupy you.

We made the usual excursion to Cleethorpes on the one-carriage ‘Noddy train’, ate amazing fish ‘n’ chips, walked around the small town of Barton, drove over the Humber Bridge, spent a day in Hull – the UK’s Capital of Culture 2017 – and fed the ducks in the village pond. I even managed a few evenings in the local pub with our hosts, meeting the local farmers and neighbours. The kids, along with their older cousin, enjoyed running around in the large garden, swinging in the hammock, playing in the park and visiting the cows in the next field.

The cottage has fantastic views over the corn fields that surround it, and the sunsets are amazing. However, our trip this year coincided with harvest season which meant any good weather was hijacked by the farmers – and their combine machines spew out A LOT of dust; not good for lenses and cameras! The weather wasn’t great for sunrises, and sunsets generally clashed with getting the kids to bed on time so I decided not to venture out on my own too much this time. I did manage to get one lovely shot of one of the fields pre-harvest, but other than that, it’s a photography trip that needs re-arranging.

Staycations: thoroughly recommended. Trying to explain ‘eye spy’ to a bored 4 year old: not so much.