Architectural photographer_London_Neil Perry

I am a professional architectural photographer based in London. My strength lies in my natural artistic nature. This has helped me develop a style based around creative sight lines and interesting compositions, and the ability to blur the lines between editorial and commercial photography – some of my commercial photography has been used editorially and vice versa.

Whilst I can shoot the big contextual shots of a building, I enjoy experimenting with the light and also with filters and different shutter speeds.

My portfolio demonstrates both my abilities to photograph a building and illustrate the context in which it sits, and also identify and capture some of the key architectural details and themes in a design.

When I’m not working on a commission, I’ll be working on a personal project – whether it’s an ongoing series or a limited edition fine art piece.

Architecture and design has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember; whether through my own studies, my Dad’s job as a builder of exhibition stands, or my Mum’s deep-rooted passion for buildings and bridges.

Photography was slightly different. I always enjoyed being in charge of the family’s Olympus Trip 35 during holidays, and exploring my creative streak was a lot of fun, but I never really saw it as a career.

By my mid-twenties, and after my degree, my camera was getting much more use – I began to see that I had a real creative opportunity. I couldn’t afford to study again so I started teaching myself the basics of photography – creatively I knew I’d be ok, but I had to learn how to use a camera properly.

Inevitably, I was drawn to photographing buildings, structures and anything that had a graphic form. I set up a website to show my work and, before long, started receiving commissions. That turned out to be the start of career that I didn’t think possible when I was young!